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Are you starting out in tennis? So we want to tell you that, in reality, there is no specific type of women's tennis racket, unless you want to obtain them with aesthetic differences. However, it is common to happen in the choice of tennis rackets for girls. In any case, before purchasing a racket, you should consider several aspects.

Factors to take into account when choosing tennis rackets for women

Below, we will show you some of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a women's tennis racket for training or matches:

The first factor to take into account is age: since the range of the rackets can vary according to age. For example, if the player is 12 years old or older, we already rule out any junior model and rackets of less than 265 grams and if the height is above normal for their age, we consider rackets from 275 grams to 280 grams approx.

Secondly, we must take into account the structure and weight of the player: they are key aspects, since they also influence the weight and size of the racket.
The balance, also very important since depending on the catch, the epso will be distributed in one way or another.

String pattern, if it is closed, there will be little space between the strings because there are more of them and it favors greater control. When it is open, that is, there is more space because there are fewer strings, you can hit with more power and spin the ball.

The sieve: that is, the area with which the ball is hit. If it is larger, it will provide much more control and less power and vice versa. Beginner women's tennis rackets should opt for those that have a larger area, in order to have more surface area with which to hit the ball. For this reason, they should opt for those that are between 64.5 and 71 square centimeters. The most advanced and competitors use those with a sieve between 63 and 64.5.

More than a matter of tastes and colors, buying the right racket can benefit your health. On the contrary, the wrong choice of a racket can affect, generating the appearance of injuries. For this reason, they must not only be chosen according to the measurements and needs, but they must also provide great quality and resistance.

How can it affect us?

The inappropriate choice of a tennis racket can negatively affect your training. In fact, you will not be able to enjoy the experience of this sport, as it will be uncomfortable trying to hit the ball while holding the wrong weight. For this reason, it is essential that you are sure of what measurements and weight you should consider before buying a racket. It will depend on this sport not to become torture.

Characteristics of a women's tennis racket

These are the characteristics to consider when buying a racket:

  • String tension and string type: This characteristic influences as a personal decision, since it will depend on where you find comfort. The higher the tension, the better handling of throws and turns can be found. However, tightropes generate more power, but less control.
  • Rackets material:
    • Graphite: It is made up of a light weight that helps improve power and control at the same time. Ideal for those who are starting in this sport.
    • Aluminum or titanium: they have very affordable prices, but sometimes they can be extremely light.
    • Nylon and polyester: the most purchased for their quality and economic price, they have great resistance and durability.

Handle thickness: It is a very important feature, because if the handle is thin it can slip out of the hands. On the other hand, if the handle is too thick, it can affect how the game works as it can be hard to hold.

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