Now in TENISWORLDPADEL.COM we want to make it easy for you. Don't go crazy wondering if it will fit or not because now you have up to 30 days to think about it. In case it does not fit you, you can exchange it for another size at zero cost and if the product does not convince you you can also return it at zero cost as long as your order exceeds 100 € of purchase.


Promotions associated with exchanges and returns

Free size change (only national peninsular and Balearic Islands). Valid only for all products that are not attached to any special promotion such as sales, blackdays, outlet, offer, labeled as such or in which any promotional coupon is applied. 

In those products where the first size exchange is free it is important to note that in subsequent changes will be associated with a cost of return, except for defective or tare products.


Free returns. Only for orders to national peninsular and Balearic Islands and with a value over 100€ except for orders with any of the following characteristics:


-When the product or products to be returned refer to an order for which there has already been an exchange or return whose cost has already been assumed by the company.

-When the payment of the order has been made by means of financed payment.

-When the return takes place outside the national peninsular territory (free returns will not be made neither for foreign countries nor for the Canary Islands).

-When, even if all the conditions of the 'free return' promotion are met, the order contains crates of balls or more than 3 slippers.

-When the product to be returned has an 'outlet' label, belongs to and/or makes reference to any promotional campaign, or a promotional discount coupon has been applied.

-When the customer makes the return on his own without prior notice to the company. At no time may you request your right to a refund of the amount of the shipment because this has to be managed by us.

General return conditions

Deadline for returns and exchanges: 30 days generally.

Requirements to return a product:

-To have the order or delivery note.

-The product must be new, without signs of use, with the original packaging, seals and labels (boxes, blister, plastics, accessories, etc.). The product packaging may not be used as a shipping box.

-The product must not have been tampered with, i.e. it must not have been modified in any way.

-Include inside the package a copy of the order or delivery note of the purchase you have made and put the text RETURN on the document itself to facilitate the possibility of identifying it, and thus proceed as soon as possible, reducing the waiting time of the process.

- Include in the return those gift items associated with the purchase that is being returned (essential to make the refund of the return).

- For hygienic reasons we will not accept exchanges or returns of swimwear or underwear (panties, underpants, socks, swimsuits, swimming caps).


Steps to follow to make a return

First, you have to check that you are within the deadline to make the return and if so, you will have to contact us and tell us the order number and type of return you want to make. We contemplate three types of return:

Return for size change.

Voluntary return to receive the money back.

Return for possible manufacturing defect.


- Return for size change. Consult any of the two following situations to see which is your case:

  1. Free number or size exchange at home. Valid only for those products labeled as "NEW" and that are not attached to any special promotion such as sales, blackdays, outlet.... To do this you have to:


-Contact us either by mail or phone indicating the order number and the size you want to receive.

For our part we will make a shipment with collection with the agency Nacex, so at the time of delivery of the new product we will pick up the old product.

If after several delivery attempts and for reasons beyond the agency, the package can not be delivered (absences or non-preparation of the material), the customer will be responsible for taking the package to the delegation of the nearest shipping agency, always coordinated through the agency and prior notice from us. 

  1. Change of number or size (not free of charge). The steps to be taken in this case will be:


- Contact us by mail or phone informing us that you want to make a size change.

-You will be offered two options, either we can make a shipment with pick up or you can return the item on your own and we will send you the new size.

[If you choose the "SHIPPING WITH PICK UP" option you will need to purchase on our website the service we define as 'EXPRESS SIZE EXCHANGE'. This has a cost of 8 € and you can find it directly on the following link ( When purchasing this service, please specify in comments the previous order number and the new size you want us to send you. The new product will be shipped within 24/48 hours from the time it leaves our central warehouse.

[If you choose to return on your own and have us send you the new size you will have to make a purchase on our website of the shipping service defined as 'Postage and Handling' which has a cost of 4,5€ to be received within 3-4 days. The purchase of this product can be made at the following link ( We will ship the product as soon as we receive it. In case you need a shipping service please notify us and we will give you a solution.


- Voluntary return to receive the money back. If what you want is a refund, the steps to follow are as follows:


  1. Contact us by mail or telephone indicating that you want to return the product.

       2º. Identify what type of return it is (if it is subject to the promotion of free returns or not. See free returns exceptions).

          a.) For free returns (see promotions associated with returns and exchanges):

           We will send you a pre-paid return label that you will need to attach to the package you wish to return. With this label we will pick up the order at the address indicated by you.

          Once we receive the package and check that the item is in perfect condition, without signs of use or deterioration, we will refund your money within a maximum period of 7 days, in the same form of payment that you paid (see refund of the return).

          b.) For non-free returns (see exceptions to free returns) you have two alternatives to make the return:

          - Return it at your own expense through the logistics agent desired by your part carriage paid, packed, with its original packaging, within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from receipt of the order, to the following address (The amount of cost borne by the customer will not be refundable under any circumstances):
TenisWorldPadel – WTPadel S.L
Camino de Villaviciosa nº 8
28600 Navalcarnero, Madrid

        - Make the return by requesting collection through the Correos Express agency (agency with which we work). The agency will pick up the package at the address indicated by the customer with a prepaid label that we will send via email or Whatsapp. This label must be attached to the packed package. Cost of the service 4,5€ that we will deduct from the final refund of the order.

       In both cases, and as long as the return is not associated with the promotion of 'free returns', the cost of such return will always be borne by the customer and will never be refundable. This amount will be deducted from the final refund to be made to the customer.


      If the product, once received at our facilities, does not meet the conditions indicated in our Returns Policy, and/or is not in perfect condition, the after-sales department will contact you to inform you and return the package.


- Returns for possible manufacturing defect. Steps for the management of returns due to possible manufacturing defect:

Previous valuation by the company of the product, for which the client will have to send appreciable photos of the product where the possible tare or defect can be appreciated.

Once the photographs are received, the actions of TenisWorldPadel are as follows:

2-1. Clear defect without valuation on the part of the manufacturer. In the event that it is an obvious manufacturing defect and there is no doubt by THE COMPANY, we will proceed with the direct exchange for the same item (subject to availability) or at the choice of the CUSTOMER, to the refund of the amount of the product.

2-2. Possible defect to be determined by the manufacturer after analysis and evaluation of the article.

THE CUSTOMER, must send the product to the following address; TenisWorldPadel - WTPADEL S.L , Camino de Villaviciosa nº 8, 28600 Navalcarnero - Madrid, choosing as alternatives of return those indicated in step 3 of the previous point 'Steps to make a return''':

The shipping of the product shall be borne by THE CUSTOMER. In the event that it turns out to be a manufacturing defect, the amount will be paid through bank transfer, in this case the standard shipping price will be applied. In the event that it turns out NOT to be a manufacturing defect, the CUSTOMER shall bear the costs of management and, if desired, the return of the damaged product.

Such returns are subject to the availability of the products in our warehouse and/or our suppliers.

See more details on return policy in point 13. 'Customer rights and return policy' of the General Conditions.


International Returns and Exchanges

Size exchanges. If you wish to make a size change from abroad (with the exception of Portugal), you will have to return the item at your own expense, or ask the company to return the item so that we can pick it up at your home address and place a new order. The cost of the return shipment will always be borne by the customer. If the return is managed by the customer on their own, when the product arrives at our warehouse we will refund the full amount of the order and if the return is managed by the company, having picked up the item at home, we will deduct from the amount of the returned order the cost of the return.

For size changes from Portugal there are two options:

. That the company is responsible for processing the entire management of returning the item and sending the new size. The customer will not have to place a new order for the new size, simply the customer will have to pay 8 € for the management of size change through this link In this case the agency will first pick up the product to be returned and then receive the order for the new size. In the management of size change through the payment link, and before finalizing the operation, the customer will have to indicate in the comments field the order to which the change refers, the new number you want and the reference of the article.

. That the customer is responsible for returning the order on his own and the company sends the new number: In this case the customer will only have to pay for the shipment of the new number through the following link and indicate in the comments field the order to which the change refers, the new number desired and the reference of the article.

In any of the above cases the shipment of the new size will not be processed until we do not receive the return of the item being exchanged.

Returns. If what you want is to return the order or any item of your order, you will have to make the return at your own expense taking charge of the return costs, or request the return to the company for us to pick it up at your home. In the latter case, you will have to notify us in advance and there is a cost of 4,5€ that we will deduct from the amount to be refunded. In case you have any problem to carry out the return management you can contact the company so that we can inform you. Any cost associated with the return will always be borne by the customer.



Refund of the return

Once we receive the product, we will check that it is in perfect condition and we will refund the money as soon as possible under the same form of payment with which you made your purchase. In the event that the purchase was made by cash on delivery, we will make a transfer to your bank account, for this you must tell us the details of your account via email to or through the returns form included in the order.

TenisWorldPadel will not refund the amount or make any reshipment of merchandise until we have verified the receipt and condition of packaging and accessories of the item being returned or exchanged in our warehouse. In addition, those returns of items or purchases that carry associated gift items in the initial purchase. Also they will have to include in the return these articles since, otherwise, the amount of sale of these articles will be discounted from the refund of the return.

In the event that the initial purchase had associated shipping costs, these costs will only be refunded provided that the entire order is returned and when the reasons for the return are for reasons beyond the customer (defects, size error, products that do not correspond to those purchased, etc.).

The amount to be returned is the amount that originally appeared in the order/invoice, minus the transport costs (only in the case of having chosen express delivery) and, if applicable, minus the costs for cash on delivery. Once verified the correct condition of the returned product, will proceed to refund the amount within a maximum period of 7 days. For those orders to be returned whose initial shipment was associated with free shipping but the customer selected express shipping, the company will also have the right to deduct the cost of shipping from the refund of the return.

The refund of the amount to be returned will be made in the same way that the original purchase of the item was made, except in the case that the purchase was made by cash on delivery, in which case we will refund the amount by bank transfer to the bank account number that you indicate and in none of the cases will be refunded the commission of 4 €, since this amount is associated with the method of payment.

The deadline for refunding the amount of the return to the customer will be a maximum of 15 working days after receipt of the return of the package in the conditions indicated (except for defective products).

** For hygiene reasons, we will not accept exchanges or returns of swimwear or underwear (panties, underpants, socks, swimsuits, swimming caps).

Changes and returns at international level (Non-EU countries)

All the management of size change and/or return will be borne by the client, so the client will be in charge of sending through the agency that suits them and will also be responsible for the return costs as well as any cost management and customs tax. Once the product reaches us and as long as it comes with all the accessories, boxes, labels, etc., and does not contain signs of use, we will proceed to reimburse the item, without the round-trip shipping costs and without the possible customs expenses, in the client's account (by the same payment method that you made in your order) In the event that there is an error in the issuance of the return or process, the package is lost, stolen or even the product has suffered damage due to the mishandling of the agency in charge of making the return, the client will have to be responsible for the costs associated with these cases, and even if it were the case that we could not recover the item to put it up for sale, the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the item.