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What brand is Djokovic's racket?

The racket used by Novak Djokovic, the number 1 in the ATP at the moment, is from the Head brand. Djokovic has been sponsored by this brand for much of his career, and his racket of choice is the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed ​​Pro. This racket is part of Head's Speed ​​series, designed for advanced players looking for a combination of power and control and that you can find in our Tennis World Padel online store.

And at Tennis World Padel we work with some of the best brands specialized in tennis, such as Head, one of our favorite suppliers, who serve us with some of the best rackets on the circuit, which together with the perfect strings strung by our professionals make of these rackets the perfect weapon on the court.

What model of racket head does Djokovic have?

The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed ​​Pro features Graphene 360+ technology, which reinforces the structure of the racket for optimal stability and efficient energy transfer with each shot. This specific racket model has been tailored to Djokovic's preferences and precise playing style.

With a dense string pattern and 100 square inch head size, the Speed ​​Pro provides an ideal balance of control and power. The speed with which Djokovic moves on the court is aided by the manageable and agile design of this racket.

The distinctive color pattern, with the Djokovic head logo on the rim, makes this racket easily recognizable on the court. Your choice of equipment is not only based on quality and performance, but also on the close collaboration between Djokovic and Head's engineering team to tune the racket to the player's specific preferences.

Tennis fans, inspired by Djokovic's exceptional game, often seek to emulate his style by choosing the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed ​​Pro. This racquet is a popular choice among advanced players who seek exceptional performance and want to experience the game with the same tool than a champion like Djokovic.

Djokovic racket price

Experience the game like a champion with the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed ​​Pro racquet, Novak Djokovic's personal choice. This high-end tennis racket combines HEAD's leading technology with the specific preferences of one of the world's best tennis players. With a distinctive design and exceptional performance, the HEAD Speed ​​Pro is the perfect tool for advanced players looking for power and control.

In our tennis racket store, you can purchase some of the most distinctive rackets inspired by the racket of tennis star Novak Djokovic, which will bring your idol a little closer. We offer these elite rackets at a competitive price, allowing you to experience quality and performance at an affordable price.

Take this opportunity to play with the same tool as the professionals. Find Djokovic rackets according to your level of play in our store and discover how to elevate your game to the next level. With fast shipping and secure payment options, we make it easy and affordable to take your game to the next level with the Djokovic racket. Buy now and experience the difference on the track! And remember not to miss any of our top tennis player rackets;Medveded racquets, Rafa Nadal racquets, Stefanos Tsitsipas racquets, Carlos Alcaraz racquets, Federer and other top players' racquets with incredible discounts..