J'hayber Padel Rackets

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If this year you are thinking of opting for a J'hayber paddle tennis racket, you will have to know that the brand had its beginnings in 1972. At first it was dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, but little by little it expanded its horizons to reach to different markets, such as the manufacture of paddle tennis rackets. Paddle tennis has been fortunate to receive this firm, with high-tech blades that compete with the most established paddle tennis brands.

Why buy J'hayber paddle tennis rackets?

The answer is easy, J'hayber's rackets are made entirely in Spain. These stand out for their designs full of color and for the technologies used during their manufacture. The firm has a small catalog of blades that are very representative of the values ​​of the brand that you can find in our World Padel Tennis store.

In this year's J'hayber racket collection you can find great discounts of up to 50% off. Within the collection you will have different types of ranges. From the lowest range for occasional or beginner players to high-end rackets for professional golfers and paddle tennis lovers.

What can you see on our website?

J'hayber warrior fit racket, this racket is the version for intermediate players. This is a control racket for progressing players who are aiming to get to the next level. This version also has a round format, a medium balance and a 100% carbon frame.

J'hayber spartack racket is a racket for expert players. Unlike the Dominator, this racket has a teardrop format and a medium-high balance. This makes the racket a little closer to the game of power and versatility. As for its construction materials, it also has a 100% carbon composition.

J'hayber dominator d3 racket, with a round format and medium-low balance, is the perfect option for excellent manageability in each of the movements you execute.

Construction: 100% Carbon and DARK EVA IMPULSE Core will make your power higher.

The best paddle tennis rackets, we have them for you.

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