Asics Black Friday

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Get the best Asics Black Friday padel shoes in our online store at the best price on the net. Select the model that you like the most from the brand and show off in all your paddle tennis matches.

All offers on Asics paddle tennis shoes this Black Friday

In our online padel store you can find a wide range of Asics brand shoes. Choose the one you like best among the different models that we offer you, a wide range of sizes and prices are available at Tenis World Padel.

The Asics shoe collection for this season stands out for the incorporation of new specific technologies for this racket sport. In this way, one more year, the Japanese firm continues to surprise us with highly technological sneakers.

If we have to highlight something about the Asics paddle tennis shoes, it is its adaptability to each of the usual supports, rotations and impulses that occur during the game. Whether you are starting out or have a higher level, the Asics brand padel shoes adapt to all types of players and levels due to their grip and comfort.

This year the designs of the Asics Black Friday shoes stand out for their bright colors and for the incorporation of the latest technologies in their manufacture:

  • IGS: It is the Asics system in charge of making the player's movements more natural. In this way, each and every one of the movements makes the shoes adapt in the most natural way to the foot of each one of the players.
  • GEL: The most famous and recognized GEL of all sports shoes. This Gel is one of the best Asics technologies and its objective is to improve impact absorption. It is located in strategic areas to minimize the pressure at the time of stepping.
  • Solyte: It consists of a midsole made with light materials that also provides a plus of response and cushioning.
  • California Slip Lasting: Increases the stability and comfort of the shoe.

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